Forget everything. All the daily stress, the routine, and monotony. Get a moment to think about yourself, to get better, Mind and Body. Find yourself wherever you are, in a Studio or in your cosy living room inside your safe space. Pilates is nothing more than that. A healthy mind in a healthy body. We at Active Mine, are following this mantra in everything we do, we started doing it for ourselves. For our beloved, we wanted to provide ourselves with the peace of senses and the dedication of the excellency in materials and comfort that more was suiting our daily exercise routine. We were doing it for us. Never thought to expand. But now we are ready, we are finally able, after several years of experiment and test, to be proud of what we produce and how we produce it. Using a process that minimizes the production effort and contributes to work in a Green Environment, We dream to save ourselves by reconnecting with our planet and all the beautiful naturalistic surrounding. This is our mission, this is Active Mine, this is us, and this is you.

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One stop solution

From a fully equipped Pilates machine to all the accessories you might need to energized your Pilates experience.

Happy Life Style

Pilates is a discipline that is never to late or to early to start practice. Feel the energy and structure to your body and brain.

From the Tradition

Pilates has been introduced in the 19th Century and has broken, like in the Oriental Tradition, the barrier of the pure aesthetic factor providing a full body benefit.

Up To The Trend

More and more popular, Studio are born everyday from London to Dubai. The reason is very simple: there is nothing that can provide the same results.


From your studio or directly home, our machine can be folded and stored easily in every kind of environment.

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Superior Material means durability and resistance, share it with your family and all together get involved in this healthy discipline.

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